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Beyonce. Is. Black. And. She. Is. Nominated. So. Stop. Saying. That. This. Is. Racist.


this is so embarrassing lmao “WELL ONE BLACK WOMAN WAS NOMINATED!!” is like the distant cousin of “I’m not racist I have black friends!!” and aside from that fucking point, that wasn’t even Nicki’s entire spiel - Anaconda as a video an its cultural implications was 1,000% about finally praising thick women of other races instead of the ever-popular white thin woman who has been the only standard of real, true beauty in culture since like…forever??? The fact that y'all don’t get that Anaconda was so fucking important culturally and socially as an anthem for anything but thin women and that you can’t see the fucking implications of it not being nominated is like…..delete. Bad Blood featured near entirely thin women (except for Lena Dunham but are we counting her???? are we counting her???? is she there???) but THAT’S the feminist anthem we’re gonna hand a VMA off to. It’s not fucking about dragging Taylor down it’s pointing out something that Taylor should ALREADY UNDERSTAND HERSELF which is that white, thin women have always been more respected and appreciated than others, and the fact that she saw Nicki’s tweets and immediately went into attack mode like it was pERSONAL, and the fact that you guys are going in to fuckin attack mode as well, just proves that you guys are still subscribing to the white feminism that is literally dragging down the entire movement and stilting it please for fuck’s sake stop

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